I am almost at a loss for words, because I think I have said so much and have so much more to do, that I am only telling you a part of my story and would love to skip to the end.

But alas, you will get the middle…

Who is B50Love… A mom, a daughter, an advocate, a writer, a dreamer, a counselor, survivor, ever evolving GOD fearing woman. I have hurt and been hurt, and I have cried and caused tears. In navigating my world and trying to understand the what and why, I found a new way to not only express myself, but to reach others.

Through Instagram, a journey has begun, Although I have always provided my insight to others to best of my ability, as well as volunteered and provided career coaching advice with my now defunct small company, It wasn’t until my own life flipped on its side, that I decided to regurgitate all my hopes, fears, pain, and love on Instagram.

You know what I found?

Other people…..:) some going through the same, others been there and it seemed to resonate. Do I help? Some say yes, Did I feel overwhelmed?.. Deeply, Did I begin to Heal?…Of course, coupled with faith and prayer.

My path is an unfinished journey, full of novelesque moments and crazy plot twists, loss, sadness, triumphs and trials but as my faith is tested to its perpetual end, my story is still being written. I have met some long lasting friends and confidants and because of this Social Media machine, I have lost people that it hurt. But I continue to be truthful , although its tested, because I realize there is a bigger purpose.

My dreams have always been big, and I thought as I grew older that they were simply dreams, but GOD said NO!!, “They were never Dreams, they were Premonitions!!!, I told you that you “Will!!!” I never told you When!!!”

So you are with me, together we are creating a motivational, encouraging Army. I am so excited to see what this will look like.

and to my past. I say Thank you, because despite the pain , you made me who I am and who I will become!!!!!!