Mental Health pulls no Punches

Its April 2017, Easter Sunday. What do we do, church then Easter eggs, this year rendered a nice day, we grilled out, which we often did if the sun peaked even a smidgeon.

This day was different, where in, the night prior I had a “Mother/Son” day. with four children its important for each to their time with Momma, with that it became a sort of tradition. With my son being the other boy, out of four children,of course this was always special.

We laughed, joked, walked, ate, saw movie (not all in that same order) but we had pretty good day. So why then, did Easter Sunday afternoon, did our home become filled with police, EMT’s and just a total Mess?

Because my son, attempted Suicide by slashing his wrists. Watching movies is nothing to the real thing, the copper smell in the air, the brownish colors of blood streaked along the floor, the undefinable moans and screams of your child, begging for the police to “Kill him” as they approached.

This was our Easter Sunday 2017.

After being committed twice, a series of medications, Doctors diagnosed him with Bipolar, more specifically Bipolar Type 1: Which is Defined as: A disorder which involves periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression.

We went bed and awoke thrust into the jaws of Mental Illness, and were my eyes opened, not just to the illness, but to difficulty in finding information, sure logging on the internet is so easy, but you ask a question you get 10 answers. Insurance issues, financial issues, medication issues. but overall we were blessed with the right people at the right time. That continued to help from therapists, doctors, co workers, friends and with heavy and consistent prayer he is on the road to recovery.

There are still bumps, stumbles and problems back tracks and issues. but we have more awareness, and little bit more understanding and definitely more support.

I speak of my son, who is doing well now, but it’s important to know that #addiction and #mentalhealth effects everyone, the family, friends and all that you love or who loves you. Make sure you listen, learn and love.

Listen to what is being said, the issues the struggles and the hurt listen with your #heart . My son told me of his struggles, but I didn’t hear him. I learn all about what you are dealing with the more you know the more you can prepare for battle. Most importantly #love No matter how many slip ups no matter how hard and no matter how long you will never lose the love, it will only strengthen. “If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1 Corinthians 12:26

If you need help or find yourself in a Mental Health Crisis,

1.consult your doctor,

2.consult with a therapist

3. Do a lot of research on the diagnosis

4. Ensure good nutrition (well talk about this more indepth later)

5. Most importantly LOVE AND LISTEN and be ready to catch them when they fall, so they can stand back up and keep moving.

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