Beyoncé’s “Black is King”: A defined journey of depth and beauty

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If you have been listening to Beyoncé and her music for a while, if not always, you realize that she always has something to say stringing together her sounds to tell a story and giving us a glimpse at her depth.

Conscious in thought,  provoking in spirit, a beautiful and prideful piece of artful prose, mixed with melodic and transcending music that fit each scene.Beyonce’s work often embodies the world today,  mixed with strength joy and an unyielding sense of determination in what she writes.

How amazing that in 2020 we view so little in the terms of “positive” programming that feature a black cast that we are not seen in a light that does not encompass our death, dysfunction and pain. But the tide is turning.

With networks such as Disney plus opening more depth in its programming, exploring more in terms of culture and allowing people to share stories of the world, 2020 may be the start of a new beginning where we will representation of all us.

Beyonce’s woke work, embodies the opposites and celebrates the contrasts and she has successfully and artfully shown what she states is “the historical impact of slavery on black love, and what it has done to the black family, and black men and women.”

So join her on this journey with stunning visuals, that brings artists and others to the forefront for story telling and alot of love. “The ancestors never left you,” Beyoncé says in another voice-over. “You can’t wear a crown with your head down.”

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