We are in a “Pandemic’ which means essentially its kinda affecting everyone. duh… Im not saying this to be facetious , but i need to bring home the point that across class systems, across party lines, hell across the damn street!!. The corona virus has halted the very fabric of our American society.

We are polarized and descenitized as a society, now as talks of the vaccine continue and we here about morderna, and Hydroxychloroquine the political undertones become exacerbating. as it further pushes America to the brink of diviceness agendas and palpating fear as our very lives are at stake. It is even more complicated when one realizes that vaccine-hesitancy can be found on the fringes, or even the mainstream, of the two major political parties in the United States.

Not surprisingly, after the election we began hearing news of a developed vaccine and distribution to the masses. I just wonder how cancer, the common cold couldn’t get a cure, but i digress.

The advent of this vaccine emphasizes the fact that any vaccine policy is political by nature. If you look at the history of vaccines from beginning to end, you have a medical intervention that has been proven effective, yet we begin a spiral of political issues which center around cost, who can take it, who should have it, who can afford it. It becomes the soapbox for all the new up and coming political pundits and rhetoric floating speaking of both making it easier and more difficult — depending on the situation — to have a fully-immunized public.

Personally, I am a little nervous to take something that came on the heels of an election and that is ready so quick to be distributed to people and children. Is this yet another political ploy, is this the beginning of virus driving world, where we begin the preventive measures that bring our humanity to a downfall.