Is it too soon?

Is the movie “Songbird” predictive programming?

Sooooo.. We are in “CovidTimes” Staying indoors, living inside, becoming accustomed to coined phrases such as “Social Distancing” and having virtual happy hours, parties and zoom calls. “As soon as this is over…” many begin their sentences, or “Cant wait till things open up” but we all know that this is the beginning of a darker time that this ahead of us.

Too much money has been spent on pandemic prevention, that its kinda hard to see city, states, goverment to go backwards. So its pretty assured that there will always be a “Covid Way of Being” With that said. Is it too soon for Micheal Bays “Songbird” Film?

What is it about?

By 2024, COVID-23….hmmm, has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of the pandemic. In the United States, people infected with the virus are taken from their homes against their will and forced into quarantine camps, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions and these camps, the infected are left to die or forcibly get better.

This begs the question is Michael Bay predicting the future of where the world is eventually going? Are we on the cusp of a dystopia that a “New World Order” is built on the backs of the weak and fragile and the “healthy” are those that are allowed to excel in life.

Coined “exploitation cinema” by some, we have to admit that this pandemic has ravaged and upheaved the world and continues to change our way of life and our psyche.