Martial Law of the Mind

Fear, worry, isolation, doubt has taken over the mantra of our minds these last few weeks. The news each day is not riddled with a quantum of diverse acts of media’s pension for violence but instead a single focus on the world as the pandemic continues to flow, like an orgasmic river filled with fear. The number of deaths, quarantines, and curfews have opened a pandoras of emotions and mental gymnastics

Marshall Law of the Mind

Control, an overall force dictates your movements while normal functions are impeded. You can imprison your mind and begin to wallow in fear, as information begins to seep into your conciousness. It may also feel as though you are in a prison of negativity and fear, confining yourself to this current reality sentenced to limitations and reality driven pauses in your life.

The COVID-19 is giving birth to a new normal with new hashtags. Yet, its also causing many emotional gymnastics from excuses, worry, doubt, negativity, all under the umbrella of fear.


Information may seem bleak, but you can your mind to escape the cell you built for your self. You can:

Use the information as Motivation:

Take the information, the factual news reports and protect yourself and family. This may not be your “normal” but this new normal can be adapted to as a temporary, but catalyst to foster communication, gain further insight and begin to make any steps necessary to continue moving forward.

Use Encouragement as Support:

The views of people doing the most extradoinary things, sharing information, reading prose, following and listening to like minded people around the world is a virtual support system.

Keep motivating each other and most importantly remain honest not only to yourself, but to your circle of compadres. Let people know how you feel, and find a kindred spirit your fellow man.

Use Plans to Create:

When you build a new house, a building, correct an infrastructure. You need a plan. A blueprint to fow, making roads, paths, play areas and marking the hot spots.

As you plan for you and your family, these plans can foster new ideas. These ideas can be hobbies, or small businesses, a self educating or self healing. These plans, can open a door to someone you never knew could be such an asset to your life, or it could greatly change your brain so you can focus and create assets to showcase skills,

Most importantly the negativity is drowned out by the focus of your mind on something else, something good and a goal that you can measure and build.

Use Actions to WALK and RISE

As you plan, build and create during this pause and in our world. You begin to see the light break through that dark barrier in your mind. You will not only see progess of yourself, but a process for others to follow.


Planning, building, creating and everything else that is leading up to the betterment of you, is also part a Reflective and Restorative way of being. The ability to restore ones self from the brink of a lost existence is a feet that only few tread when walking towards your purpose.

But, when you do you will be restored in to a better, stronger and most importantly wiser you


Reflection will be required. I have always told my children the hardest thing for a person to do, is be alone with themselves.

Hard truths, accountablity, fear is a process step that many do not want to cross. But in your Reflection, may be your Redemption.

Reflection in ones life, is the ability to find the you in a sea of mirrored visions of another person’s failures projected onto you. You remember, the artist, entrepreneur, the dancer…. whom ever you were or whatever you did may have ventured out for a time and for whatever reason is unable to resurface.

To Reflect is to face yourself, not just your fears, but face the you in the mirror and understanding that only “you” have the ability to accept live in the past, or move on and know you are worth it.

You may have to contact someone, or you may have to forgive them or forgive yourself. Either way, you must reflect on where you are, where you were in order to know where you are going.