5 Perfect Summer Decorating Projects

A change of season is a great excuse to do some redecorating, and summer is no exception. While many people change up bedding this time of year to create a more cooling environment for sleep (one survey found over half switch it out depending on the season), this time go well beyond that. Whether you own one of the Tampa townhouses in Florida or have a home in the Pacific Northwest, these perfect summer decorating projects are a great way to bring that sunny, cheery feeling into your home.

Bring in Color

Summer is all about color – for one of the easiest makeovers for the season, bring in plenty of color, from vibrant paintings and fresh flowers to dishes with tropical patterns. Simply switching up cushions and pillows for something brighter, or perhaps with a beach/nautical theme, can make a significant difference too. Florals are especially hot right now, and summer is the ideal time to incorporate this trendy look into your home too.

An Herb Centerpiece

If your herb garden is overflowing with more than what you need in the kitchen, use the extra to create a beautiful, aromatic centerpiece for the table. Mix up textures and shapes while adding color with herb blossoms and edible flowers into a vase, pitcher, jar or a high-sided bowl. Think herbs like lavender, thyme, basil, mint and rosemary for a wonderful fragrance that smells like the season.

Take Advantage of an Unused Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, other than the mantel, you probably just forget about it until temperatures start to dip again, but why waste the place when you won’t be lighting fires anytime soon? There are lots of pretty ways to fill up for summer – paint leftover logs with bright colors and stack them inside, add potted plants, arrange pretty candles or use matching vases with flowers and/or twigs to make an especially attractive feature out of your fireplace.

Shell Candles

Using seashells as décor really bring summer in and it’s a great way to take advantage of the ones you collected during that beach holiday, creating a wonderful remembrance of the season. Even better are shells with candles inside of them, which can add lots of charm and that seaside feel to any table. Deep shells such as clams, scallops and quahogs work especially well.

If you have tealights, you can push the wicks from those out with your fingers as they work perfectly with shells. Stand each one up into the deepest part of each shell and then melt wax (you can use the wax from tealight candles too) using a double boiler. If desired, add essential oils for a nice scent, stirring them into the wax. Place the shells onto a flat surface lined with paper and then carefully pour the melted wax into each one, stopping about a third of an inch from the rim. Allow them to cool and set, then light and enjoy.

Origami Lanterns for Your Patio

Make some bright colored origami lanterns that light up a warm summer evening for outdoor entertaining on your patio. It makes cocktails at sundown even more appealing.

Start with a rectangular sheet of paper, cutting a strip from the long edge that’s has about a 1” width for the handle. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then cut strips crosswise, cutting from the folded edge. Don’t tear the strips off. Unfold then paper and then loop it around to form a tube. Join the short ends together with staples or tape and then staple or tape the handle on. You can make lots of them and string them all together using small pieces of tape to keep them an equal distance from each other.