Lifting the Connection and moving on

How to move on when the love didn’t last When you break up, stop seeing a person, or you have been ghosted. ( which I think is so cowardly) but anyway, its difficult to say the least. It doesn’t matter if you spoke to someone every other Monday, now every other Monday they are not […]

Dating a Narcissist: Lesson Learned

The interesting play of emotions that occur during the dating phase can be nauseating, but couple that with dating, loving and interacting with a narcissist it then becomes a separate battle ram of emotional tennis.  A Narcissist will see you as the new project of the moment  not to say a narcissist cannot be won over, and find love but if […]

Text Tease

I think I coined this phrase in my Instagram post last year when a friend mind experienced a “texttease” fiasco with a guy she met on the infamous dating app, Tinder. Of course, I can’t take full credit for the terminology, but, for me at least, it was such a new experience. Virtual Relationships are […]