Who protects the FEDs? Bullying and Racism in the Federal Government

   What a world, seeing people held accountable for hate speech, sexism, and racist remarks. What a world, I say!!! When people stand up and say, “I’m not taking it anymore” whipping out their cell phones and exposing these degenerates. Oh, how we cheer these heroes shouting “you go!!” and heckle and jeer at the offenders that…

War Ties: Tying privilege to the Vaccine

Dr. Leanna wen, an emergency physician, former Baltimore health commissioner, CNN medical analyst, and Washington Post contributing columnist― in agreeance with President’s Biden’s mandates, went a step further to say that we (the country) should follow suit as many states in the U.S. including France by tying privilege to the vaccine. “If you want to…

BINSPIRED: Friday Night Lights

Today we should go back in time,  remembering those days before COVID, when High Schools were getting ready for the Friday night game and hanging in the stands with your friends and family. Remember When: Let’s draw on the old times when we weren’t stuck in our homes and sitting on our couches. Before we…


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