In an extremely short period of time, B50Love has risen to become one of the fastest up and coming  influencers in the motivation and inspiration arena.. As she explores ventures in  travel, and the health and wellness industry, she continues her first love, writing.

A United States Navy Veteran,  writer, model, actress, career coach with an MBA to boot, she considered a prolific serial entrepreneur B50Love (Brenda) owns 5 businesses, included an up and coming holistic large breed dog company and consulting firm. Currently getting back into her passion of writing and photography, she has continued her photography & videography skills explored during her early years and now seeing fruition. Proving that there is no limit in age, and there is time to be and move past your barriers to explore all that you are meant to do.

She has become a go to source for all things photography, motivation, and an encouraging force recognized for her related content.

Her recent growth continues and has led to many eyes awaiting her next moves including very prominent brands.

A Published author and true content creator in every sense of the word, from videos, photography and IGTV and considered a content and marketing genius. Becoming known for shooting and producing timeless, stunning content, and is highly-engaged with her audience as well as new people each and every month. A true one-woman promotional powerhouse, with content that will leave you guessing every  week.