A year of Instagram

December 25th marks a year on Social Media. Not entirely, I mean I had a facebook for family, but then i would shut it down and maybe restart because of co-workers and then shut it down again. But Last year, I had the bright idea to start a movement, a mindset, a business and utilize Social Media to get out my message, gain more insight or provide knowledge about Social and Mental issues. Things I wish someone would have told me, such as:

  • Hey Guess what, you can grieve as long as you need to, its normal
  • Recovery is process and nobody knows how long
  • Love is a funky, mischievous, tragic, triumphant yet an infinitely wonderful thing and you have to walk into it, not run away from it.

Training, instructing, ministering, and ultimately building a Brand, it’s important to engage. You talk, but you need to also listen to Social Media and much of it is full of “Hey don’t do, but do, stop, then start, cry and be strong, laugh and it’s not funny, we support, but we hate you, we like you today, don’t know you tomorrow.

I know that:

That your missteps can be heard a million followers long, or your triumphs and trials can be seen worldwide.

That it can become like breathing. We wake with it, say Hello to it before we greet our families. A post on Instagram, then twitter that now needs to be on Facebook, it can consume you, or you can consume it. But somebody is eating tonight!!!

That you fall into competition. mad at those that copy you and mad that you didn’t think of it first. Where you post for the one and must remember its in view of the many.

But I learned:

We build relationships, that people depend on you, that you can affect change that ripples in a few, or can change a nation. That a post that says “GoodMorning” can save a life. That a person in the hospital and thanks you for saying “Goodnight”

That you can minister to people, who make a life change. That your words the year prior changed a life this year.

That a broken heart can mend thousands, and a purpose can lead millions.

That we can enact and mobilize, that we grab a few, who recruits the many and can grab the hearts and minds of thousands.

Understand the importance of what you say, of what you do. Not a song you have not heard before, but one that is not sung enough. We should watch our words, but get our point across, listen and be heard. You don’t know who you will affect, infect or impact. We can be a problem, part of a problem, insert or create a solution. But voices are being heard everyday and I am glad to be one of them.

What an awesome year, Thank you to my new friends, knew listeners and if necessary the New You. I learned, I saw, I laughed and I cried. I am so happy to have met you and I look forward to a new year with you.

To you @b50love family. Happy New Year!!!! See you in #2020

B Kind, Love and B Loved