War Ties: Tying privilege to the Vaccine

Dr. Leanna wen, an emergency physician, former Baltimore health commissioner, CNN medical analyst, and Washington Post contributing columnist― in agreeance with President’s Biden’s mandates, went a step further to say that we (the country) should follow suit as many states in the U.S. including France by tying privilege to the vaccine. “If you want to participate in events, activities, travel, then you must show proof of vaccination”

The mandates have been compared to the identity cards, issued in a 1938 decree by requiring every Jew in Germany to carry an identity card marked with “J” (for Jewish) at all times, to biblical apocalyptic references, to an agenda of ultimate socialism. But looking straight forward, and without labels and propagandized media, the federal government is stating if American’s don’t take the vaccine, they may not work, travel, attend events, not receive those unalienable rights.

Doesn’t this seem more like a War than prevention?

The President and others refer to the “unvaccinated” as a group of people without race, without distinction and are seen more as a faction than Americans.

Protection, not Prevention:

There were over 30,000 deaths of the flu, between 2019 and 2020. Did the flu vaccine prevent it? Protect? The flu is highly contagious, yet people have sent their children to school, we have worked next to coworkers with it, we have stood in line at the grocery store, and yet the flu vaccine was never mandated.

Much of the conversation about the vaccination and the current Delta Variant have been, that those diagnosed and clogging up the health space have been “primarily” the “unvaccinated” meaning, there is a possibility you can still get if you are vaccinated.

So why the mandate?

The “vaccinated” including President Biden have stated the “unvaccinated” are not listening. They are overrunning the hospitals, costing Americans their freedoms. The normal way of life weighs on the backs of the unvaccinated and the movement back to “normalcy” people await.

President Biden stated previously that he would not mandate and would never want to make masks mandatory. Sure the change could be due to the current spread of the DELTA variant, yet this is a huge change, that affects approximately 100 million Americans.

Are people being willfully misinformed on the severity of COVID19? is this a ploy, a practice, prevention, or protection?


What is an American Privilege? Well for those that don’t know, it has nothing to do with race, religion, or ethnic background. it is a mindset where there are opportunities here that don’t exist in most other places in the world. which is the attraction for so many people that seek to be here, in order to experience freedoms and opportunities they may not have had prior and that they can go, live, be and experience all that is available.

So it’s not just going to a restaurant, to the movies, enjoying events. It may be attending schools, training, excelling in your field, your livelihood, the ability to do business, and create a business. The vaccination could be the passport to the “glass ceiling” if it still exist.

That’s the fear people! not the vaccine, but the fear that the government tells you what to do and when to do it and will punish those that do not comply and labeling people as “Republicans” ,as we all know that are unvaccinated people throughout all political fronts, or “unruly” does not promote change. It only fuels the flames.

Is the War on COVID a War on the American Constitution?