Problems, Pursue and Practice

Problems are a part of life we all have issues, concerns and we feel there is no way out. Even people who seemingly do not have a care in the world of course have problems, there are times when problems feel overwhelming and like you might not be able to get past them. But by looking at them for what they are temporary roadblocks and taking responsibility for them, then setting a path to correct them you can deal with any problem thatmay come your way.

Give it to God

You knew I was going there, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer, but when it comes down to our own individual lives and our own problems we get bogged down and don’t remember that although you may feel trapped  by fear , God is preparing us and there is purpose in your problems. there is no problem, that is to great or to big that god cannot handle. And if you want to pray and don’t know where to start, you could say the following:

LordYou are the God of the impossible. You can do anything. I trust in Your ability and to teach me to see difficulties in my life through your eyes and help me to focus on You and Your power.

Be Careful who you Share your Problems with

Just like joy, you have to careful who you are talking to, there are so many people out here who want to use your problems to feed their own issues, so they can projecttheir insecurities and fears onto you. When sharing an issue with friends and family, some have blown it out of proportion. They have taken their own fears, insecurities and their own problems and projected them onto you. So watch who you share it with, you want help, you want it solved so you verbalize with people, I get it. Just be careful don’t let another person’s self doubt creep into your own psyche. If need be, and your problem dictates seek professional advice. There is a wealth of information to sift through, but the point is not to wallow and worry. To create an action plan. 

Change your mindset: 

The brain is the most important muscle you can train. Train your brain, and you change how you perceive and how you achieve. There are so many ways to work on changing your mindset. Your mindset is a muscle that can be strengthen and improved upon. One way to improve your mindset and embrace change in your life is to learn to exercise of mediation. Take a few minutes out a day to take break breath and to clear your mind. Create a practice of noticing three changes a day positive narratives and positive affirmations.

Make mini goals

One of the best financial podcasts, I have ever listened to was about financial planning with Dave Ramsey. More specifically he spoke of how to work through financial debt by using a snowball plan.

Which latterly is starting with the small debt and working towards the bigger ones and completing those small mini goals.  Many of our problems outside of finance could be approached in a similar fashion. A big issue, could come with several mini problems and we just don’t know the best way or how to attack it. If possible break it up and make mini plans for mini goals. You will be surprised at what you have completed and achieved and how quickly you have gotten through your issue. 

Depending on what is going on in your current relationship, this can applied as well. If there are several issues and you still want to work it out, then start small. Use babysteps in reaching a resolution, it maybe the smallest thing that creates a bigger mess and ruins a potentially great relationship. Above all yes, ensure you communicate with each other.

Pursue the possibilities

How do we pursue the possibilities, I am not talking about just the possibilities when solving a problem, but did you know or do you realize that there are so many opportunites that come our way but are missed because we are bogged down with problems. Career, lovelife you tend to walk in problems instead of walking in purpose. Walking defeated instead of walking uplifted, you will have blinders on trying to fix the unfixable, or thinking about the non important, and you cannot see what is in front of you or what has come your way. Take off the blinders, and work on the problem, but don’t miss the posssibit outomes, the opportunites and the proobalitysthat come your way 

The saddest thing, I have heard and witnessed is a person in love, or wanted to know a person, but fear, problems, insecurities have stayed their steps. So they walk away not knowing if this impossible person, was infact their possibility. In our climate today, don’t waste time. I have told the people I love, that I love them and the people that I miss, that I miss them. I have worn my heart on my sleeve and not cared because I don’t want to leave this earth and they not know. I have peace in that much and you should to.


This is hard and simple at the same time, because it requires a bit of elimination. You may have to remove people. You may notice that much of the conversation in Building self and building wealth, requires removal of certain people. Negative people, users and abusers. People who are not your cheerleaders.

When I say practice, I mean when you are with the right people, you can work through your problems, you can help to find and see your possibilities and probabilities and you can have fellowship and friendship. People to hear you cry and stand with you when you are weak.

Having the right people or person by your side will help to keep you where you need to be. Its hard, to let people go especially if you are like me and gain your energy through others. You may have to walk alone in this for a bit, but just like problems this is temporary. you will be okay. I promise!!!