BINSPIRED: Beyonce looking glass of evolution

There are many celebrities’ that we grow up with. Watching the child stars become adult reality icons or lotharios becoming producers and movie stars.

Watching Beyoncé has been a wonderous whirlwind of inspiration in watching her transition from Destiny’s Child to owning herself and rising to the star status to which she is today.

Inspiration takes on a visual meaning when seeing not just her steps in climbing from the shadows of  the “girl group”, but how she never forgot where she came from and who she is, by giving back over and over again to the community, to her fans and at every moment bringing conscious in her music.

“Never forget”,  “always remember”  “this is who I am,” “this is who you are,” “be better,” “be greater”, “be stronger” .. these are all mantras that can be taken from her music.

Faced with a world, where tictoks and reelz  with music of degrading women, body shaming and feeling as though women are only as good as their butt girth Girls are seeking the positive representation of who they should be.

Beyoncé has managed to maintain. Celebrating women, celebrating her blackness and keeping the fires burning as not just a star, but an icon that transcends generations.