Today we are faced with a collective bit of uncertainty. This climate further exacerbates thoughts of doubts and “if only” attitudes. “If only, i had time, money or love” Reflecting back to “what if’s”

What is the secret, successful people have that even in this climate, innovation continues to happen?


Abundance and money, they seem to go hand in hand. When you think, or say living Abundantly, we often invision scenes of opulence, houses and materialism.

But actually It’s a mindset. A mindset that allows you to see through the rough spots to solutions. A mindset that can change the “you aren’t enough” to “I know who i am.” A mindset that can see struggle and create opportunities. It negates the reactionary thinking and opens up the pathways towards solutions.

When the world feels like it’s against you, it can be easy to lose faith. Questioning your paths and feeling as though your goals are too hard or unnecessary to reach.  We each need tools to bring us out of that state and remind us that we have dominion over our lives. 

It starts with belief, it continues through faith. There must be balance to bring about the change in your life and open your minds eye to greater possibilities