BINSPIRED: Turning to Focus on you

52 years young, I will be turning this month. I have accomplished a lot personally and professionally. As I get older, I find myself reflecting more often. Did I get things right?,  did  I prepare my children for this world? how can I be the best grandparent for my grandchildren?

I’m happy with my life. GOD positioned me well and although, I have made some questionable decisions, I really can’t complain. I realized early on, especially after four children to find moments to myself to hear me, not the outside noise. To understand who I am, and to have the ability to balance myself emotionally and spiritually


I used to tell my children the hardest thing to do is to sit alone. Your mind races and wanders, with your thoughts and with your self doubt.

Meditation can be practiced anywhere. It is a practice that uses mindfulness to increase feelings of happiness and calm, and can be helpful to help reduce anxiety or stress. I try to meditate at least  5-10 minutes of your day. This is an excellent way to start off your mornings. Feel free to repeat as many times as you feel is necessary for your body and mind.



Having goals is important. You have to set clear, measurable and attainable goals, then refer to them often to ensure you stay on track. At the same time, when it comes to daily life, looking to your long-term goals can begin to feel overwhelming — especially when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Continue to challenge yourself, Set short term achievable goals first, to ensure you stay on track.  Use motivating sticky notes and white boards to set mental reminders of what you need and want to achieve and reward yourself and celebrate your wins.


Today no matter your interest you can find a forum, a meetup, a group that explores the things you love to do. Either as a hobby, or a new business venture. I recommend that if you are struggling with  with self-love to do what makes you feel good about yourself  — whether that’s cooking, jumping out of airplanes, karate or taking pictures of nature. Just DO!!! and find that moment of peace


Just as important,  are the things you don’t do, not taking on more responsibility than you can handle at work. Not allowing people to take advantage of you, If you practice self-love you will be able to set boundaries, to say no when you want to say no, even when it’s uncomfortable.

The older I get, the more I important “me” is and the more imperative self care and focus becomes. Ensure you find time to make “YOU” a priority.


Think about your job. You get up, go to work, clock in at whatever time, do the job, then go home.

work is a priorty, you dont want to be late so you prepare the night before. Or you begin thinking of what you need to do for the day to prepare for meetings etc.

Why cant you do that for yourself?

Get up early, walk, run, meditate and take some quality time to yourself. Or when you are off of work get a massage, sit in a quiet space, join a group.. the point is to make you a priority as you do your job.

Your main job is  “You” to get the accolades and rewards from your body, from your mind.

When you become a priority then you become unstoppable.