Fear of Being Seen

I often say there are two times in your existence that you have the ability to be e the authentic you. As a baby, because you are becoming and as an elderly person because you have been and you no longer have need to impress, fit, or be someone for somebody else.

Once we begin to age and find ourselves thrust into our environments, we begin emulating and imitating. We find what’s socially acceptable and we blend. You are circle and find have found yourself in a land of squares. You talk too much, you cry too much, you laugh too much, your emotions are worn on you like a wet t-shirt, tacky on the skin and leaving all sorts of wetness of as your emotions bead upon your skin. We blend in with our outward appearance, with our emotions, the more we stray from the blend we are looked at, we are stared at and we are gawked at with wonder, worry, excitement but honestly its envy and fear.

Most people can’t take the being the spectacle because you are so different, because you don’t blend. Those of us who do not conform, are united in the fact that we have to try for no one. But we have a responsibility, all of us, but especially those that have chosen not to walk the way of the masses, but to step out and be whatever it is they are called to be.


Accountability to not only rise, but to grab the hands of those who are fighting to come up to your level. Let the people fall that cannot hold on, because they want to stay in the “blend” But we that have chosen to “BE” Must lead. Walking in not just purpose, but walking as though you are being watched. Because you are. People are observing this authentic you, and others want to be themselves as well, but they have been what everyone has told them to be for so long they don’t know how to be themselves, so they much watch, they much learn. So they are watching this authentic you. As you turn, and twist and are a light of wonderment and poise being that “Real” You with the laugh, with the attitude sometimes, with the sadness and with the real uncut and raw self.

The Blend

The hair, the clothes the way of being, so you can be like “everyone else” the preverbal machine that we all live in, other than your uniform if you work a job that requires it, you do not need to blend. being you is not a process, but its a progression, its an arrival, its a transition so you must be prepared that racially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually you are going to be different, because the mold is broken. As you rise, part of this process is losing the “Blend” be happy because you are So you because to When you become the “You” when you have worked on “You” you won’t blend, walk away from the blend, that is what you have already done,

Whatever your passion is or whatever you spend time on, Discover yourself. discover your talents, you are a blessing.

Think positive and rebuke the Ignorant

People will discourage you because they envy, fear and don’t understand you, and everyone will know more than you. hahah Don’t waste your time trying to explain yourself or get them on your page, and do not expend energy trying to update the perception to meet their expectations.
Believe in yourself and provide yourself with positive affiramtions and love. Tell your family and hopefully they support your transition. You will discover a sense of empowerment and freedom.

This is not an easy process, it will take some. But imagine, not having to perpetrate a fraud. Just walking talking and being yourself. living in your health and wealth and letting GOD lead you to your purpose.