Today’s society has dictated so much, we count, we measure, we label. The “you” has become the number of likes , loves, hearts that we receive. The many out weigh the few. Our manta’s becoming our definition of world that being defined by who we are. To Affirm is taking on a new meaning:



So what are Affirmations?

They are Mind tools, simply training your brain to react to the positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make a positive changes.

Some might consider affirmations to be unrealistic “wishful thinking” and i would counter that those statements are the very basis of doubt and fear. An Affirmation is more than just repeating a mantra, its a belief in oneself to achieve the possible and just strive for the impossible whilst keeping that brain fired up.



When you hear the term “Affirmation” you may simply think its looking in the mirror and repeating a phrase, its actually understanding Who you are, if you don’t feel great or think you look great have doubts of being great, then simply saying you are great may not be what you need.

Stand in a mirror and look at yourself and I mean really look at yourself, your smile, your hair, your face your nose. Who do you see? Look at all those pieces of you that make you the you YOU are!!!
It’s important to see yourself and all your beauty, those things that chink in the armor, those beautiful flaws.

The Inside

We often hide ourselves from ourselves. Sound crazy, but sit alone and reminisce over the past. We often only think of the good times and skip over what makes us sad, repel from the bad feelings. We quickly change our thoughts, as if you were switching to another Netflix movie, because its too hard to see.

You have to peel back the layers of yourself. What is the pain, what is root, what is the issue that you have worked through or are working on. When we surrender and remove the masks and are fully naked that’s when you begin to heal and recover. Hurt, loss, betrayal, death, violation… all of this dictates how we view our world and our relationships. It may show in our demeanor, your triggers, and the path that lead you through it.


Now that you see yourself in all your glory, its time to heal yourself and do some hard work . You know what you are bringing to the table, you know you from the inside/out. No one can hurt you with your truth. You stand in it everyday. If you need to seek therapy to work through particular issues that you have discovered, then definitely do that. If you need to make amends or forgive yourself and/or someone else for closure and a step towards your healing process, do that. Or, maybe you make a simple change, your wardrobe because you are not representing yourself the way you want to be viewed.

But whatever you discover, this is the basis to your mantra. You are who you say you are: Loved, Successful, winner, survivor.


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