Everyone wants to tell you to get over the issues in your life. That there will come a time where the problems and pain are afterthoughts. The “Why” you keep screaming every night before you sleep, will be replaced with a person, a place a drink, a smoke and you will soon forget the “why” the “who” and you will carry on as if nothing happened.

But you can’t let that happen. As Steve Harvey so eloquently stated it is Fertilizer.

Its your dreams, your heart, your job, your money all in a large hole of your mind. It sticks there for a reason, because it needs the water of your purpose and the water of your desires and the water of your dreams. It needs to grow and its stagnate awaiting to be fed.

Someone or something may have thrown that “Dirt” in your face.

  • Your lack of money’
  • Your lack of a job
  • Your dreams
  • Your love

They throw it all in your face..

I say get your catchers mit, catch it all don’t dodge and as soon as you catch it, put it in the ground.

Water it with your dreams, desires, your passion, your purpose, your position and let GOD shine the light upon it and

watch it GROW.