The Social-ism

“Down at street level another poster, torn at one corner, flapped fitfully in the wind, alternately covering and uncovering the single word INGSOC.” exert from George Orwells 1984

What an orwellian world we seem to be living in where propaganda, fiction, lies seemingly blend together. Existential conversations of dread and dismay covet our pysch whilst we stay “locked down” in our homes and minds. The president and governers split on opinions and decisions, whilst the media pulls about tidbits and strings them across fear laden bylines requesting more governmental action

I definitely believe that the virus is real, but the byproducts of the virus is what frightens me. The weaponizing of fear, the marshall law and conflict creates unrest and more governmental control, which enact policies and regulations that could make you so “precautionarily” controlled.

A stress test

Do you believe that the COVID-19 could be a stress test of socialism?

The coronavirus has given Governors all over the country new authority to control our lives, referencing places such as Michigan

One of the most serious challenges our countries face is the specter of socialism. It’s the wrecker of nations and the destroyer of societies,”

Trump said during his 35-minute address to the General Assembly.

This increased visibility of socialism and verbal discourse make it important to understand this concept and how Americans will be affected.

Socialism is a post-commodity economic system. and production is carried out to directly produce use-value rather than toward generating profit.

Since the 19th century Socialism has made its rounds, morphing thru time, with one single adage that business goods and services should be owned or regulated by the people.

Sounds good right?

Lets talk business

Well, at it very base level, socialism is strict government control. It means the government will have stiffer controls over economy, policy regulations. Think about government-run health care, government mandated wage requirements, and more restrictions and regulations on private businesses.

So can i start a business under Socialism?

Yes you can, but the mechanisms for allocation of resources and labor are really very different, from systems based on allocation of resources (decentralized). government sponsorship (centralized) to locally democratic

So all you need is community support and trust in your competence and idea, and the community would allocate the capital for you. Business leaders, are just given official support of the community towards their leadership, in contrast, Under capitalism, you need ownership of capital (usually financial), which means having capital makes you more likely to acquire more capital, this means that the business owner would need to only appease those who hold the capital.

This is the millennials standpoint, and why it’s such. hot button, becuse mny believe socialism wwould increase innovation and benefit communities that support certain businesses. BOther s believe it would stifle the cretivity nd no one could own be an “Entrepreneur” nd must conform to the communities wants. It intrinsically links the welfare of the businesses with the communities they rely on to function, and the role of capital and its usage is tied to the interest of communities, not private owners..

So in. nutshell, no more Boss Songs,

Why is this an issue now?

The longer the lockdown of the economy lasts, the more people will be out of work and will become more dependent on the government for essential goods and services.T

Although socialism and its programs are pursued in the name of promoting equality, and during this pandemic, it can be under the guise of precautionary, the outcome  can still be devastating  Socialism’s can render-high taxes, even poorer health care,and choice restrictions, so we have to remain diligent and not have our gaze turned to ticktok and distracted by sensationalized media. Keep it on the big picture before it twists to fit the design of our new world which is being built again on the backs of fear