For weeks, the White House has had us waiting with baited breath for May 1 and the phased reopening of America. As the “stay at home ” order silently expired on Thursday, (totally thought there would be more hoopla) the regulations, and policy updates have kept us guessing, traffic picked up.. ugh!!!! and the nation is kinda left hanging with governors seemingly adjusting as they go, in response to various health data points.

So is it too quick to reopen?

Over 30million Americans have filed for unemployment,small Businesses are suffering and people have grown weary of the lockdown. The quarantine which has taken a turn from being “precautionary” to down right Marshall Law, with people getting arrested for going to the park?

People are restless, hungry for answers and just damn hungry!!

The CDC reports 64K dead from COVID related illnesses. Yet, if you spend enough time reading you will find disparging numbers, theories and even reports that those numbers are not 100% accurate.

Yearly over 56K people die of flu, so were some of these deaths “flu” related, without the COVID Strain?

Were some of these deaths, not COVID at all?

Well, as we sift information, who knows the ultimate agenda, we can speculate all day about 5G (btw gotta bunch of cool updates, during the lockdown on my iphone and MAC did you?, I guess they were prepared..hmmm)

But on the surface, it seems that President Trump is on board to revive the economy, get people back to work and the administration has pivoted to a three-phase plan that leaves the decision to states, As i have mentioned we are bound by the Architect of our Dystopia. Your new normal is based on whatever is told to you and whatever guidelines you have to follow.

Personally, I am ready for the new “whatever the heck” this world is gonna be. Hiding in my house is “NO GOOD”

What do you think?

Read the guidelines from the white house: