When Life throws S%!T, throw the S%!T back!!!!

What an orwellian world we seem to be living in where propaganda, fiction, lies seemingly blend together. Existential conversations of dread and dismay covet our pysch whilst we stay “locked down” in our homes and minds. The President and Governer’s split on opinions and decisions, and the media pulls about tidbits and strings them across fear laden bylines requesting more governmental action.

But the byproducts of the virus is what frightens me. The weaponizing of fear, the marshall law and conflict creates unrest and more governmental control, which enact policies and regulations that could make you so “precautionarily” controlled.

Life throws stuff at us all the time, hell look at us now #coronavirus2020. But those things that  get in our way, or don’t go our way, maybe telling you something and its important to understand that there is process to everything, even the bad crap that occurs in our life is purposeful. if we walk through and not spend years avoiding it, when may be put on a whole new enlightened path.

We have to dig ourselves out of the pit of mind ping-pong. Where we are constantly back and forth of what should have been done, the ramifications and move towards some freakin solutions.

“Down at street level another poster, torn at one corner, flapped fitfully in the wind, alternately covering and uncovering the single word INGSOC.” exert from George Orwells 1984

It as though things are  dismantling and the very mechanisms of our current free market system that promotes progress and economic prosperity, the competition and the individual freedoms are threatened.

Don’t just sit and watch the news all day…….

Because this is a time where the world is bickering and pausing, that we can wake up and not sleep. and take this individual moment to shore up. Get your mind right, if you can get your finances right, and change the perspective of what is being fed to you. Its those nuances of negativity that continue to be built in your mind to keep you from climbing up and over.


Could this be a stress test? Although  much of the rhetoric from leaders say “precaution” could the lockdowns, the quarantines, the Governers superpowers, could be a test of what “socialism” could really look like?

Pursued in the name of promoting equality, Socialism’s sky-high taxes, poor health care, choice restrictions, supply shortages, lackluster innovation and more government rules could shackle individual freedom.

Wait a minute…… We are totally going through this now..hmmmmm

The question could be, what is the ultimate goal, or the end game. The powers at be may call it a “solution” but if America was already fighting against social and the free market space then what is changing due to the COVID-19.?


We have to circumvent the negativity, and to do so youmust restart. I know there are areas that are currently ‘locked” down, but your mind is not held hostage. You can search, surf, Like in a relationship, you have songs and places that created memories, but alas the relationship is over and now you to want stop listening to music all together and never revisit those places.



Hey…For us old folks..Remember when Superman turned back time?

Wish we could do that, but alas……

Well you have to do the reading, do the research, listen and make the best decisions for your family. In many cases, rebelling against the big government rule like in Michigan:


Or you can look at what you can plan, and do have the power over. Dont just vote, because they are in your “party” affliation. I think the time is now to look at who is doing what and taking advantage of power.


Power can be a case study for “Socialism” ,

Why the heck do some people want it so bad. Is it that they believe we are the world, and we are going to barter and trade and live this falala life, without the ability to distribute power? “Awww we are all the same now” With my doey eyed look of “WTF”!!

Well what it actually means is that stiffer controls over economy, policy regulations. Think about government-run..anything. and more private business restrictions. If you want to be business owner, it may be a bit difficult because the allocation of labor and resources, and government sponsorship.

Yes you can, but the allocation of resources and labor are really very different, not counting the government sponsorship. But you could still be okay because all you need is community support and trust in your competence and idea, and the community would allocate the capital for you.

hmmmmmm……yea thata work?


This is the millennials and democratic soapbox and such a hot button, because there are arguments on both sides. Either way, I believe it could squash creativity, the poor will get poorer, the self-sufficient will become reliant, and the creatives, well… they might not be so robust.

Rome was not built in a day. Its important to turn our gaze from the dancing nurses and doctors, the viral wannabes and what is “trending” today. which by the way, how the heck is #worldnakedgardeningday” trending…smh

but keep our eyes on those that are on an agenda, its not about “party” anymore. Its about who is going to wade us through this mess and not make another one.