mandates of masks

As the spread of the coronavirus worsens, as well the cacophony of information about the contraction and symptoms, face coverings are becoming more and more common place throughout cities and countries.  Reflective and Reactive will be a newly enacted “Mask Mandate” that would require people to wear masks when you are visiting public places such as grocery stores, pharmacies and the like.

Since its introduction in the the late 1800’s,  These surgical face masks have had a number of labels and preconceived antedotes and notions along with them. We all got our bottoms popped (well my age group anyway) upon birth. But if you witnessed someone in a public forum, they would probably have been deemed, a germaphobe, an unhealthy person, even a serial killer could be your first thought When you saw a person in a surgical mask and they are not in an operating room. (cant forget Halloween hhah)

But not anymore, those labels will be foder for the fire, as the unmasked may become the subject of finger points and condemning accusations. Often, seen as a healthy person’s unnecessary precaution, today without a facemask could be a physical and literal representation of a person that doesn’t “give a damn”

Which could fuel unnecessary fires and cause dessention in the ranks of our humanity, which is already teeter tottering on the brink due to a desensitized social media and a consistently scoured history.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions -John Ray 1670

You say “Mandate” I say “Order”,  yes its an official order, just to be plain. You will be told, that you “cannot” enter particular public establishments without a face covering. You may be banned from public gatherings, public displays of affection, public period. hmmm

It’s a simple precautionary measure to assist the slowing the spread of this virus while continuing your everyday life. Sweeping indiscriminately across the globe it could be passed from a cough, sneeze, touch, and the symptoms could range from upper respiratory, fever, headaches and some cases even death.

So what to do. Do you stay locked up in your home until the calvary of real information comes galloping at your door, to say “hey partner, all clear you can come on out!”  or do you slap on a damn mask and go about your day.  

Duh, you slap on a mask and go about your day!

A stress test is happening to our world. I ask Will masks be the new way of being?, the visual dicernment? Will we inadvertantly let rules and regulations into our homes, that bind our humanity, with the “we mean you no harm” pretty colors and fancy “tiktok” jingles, with hands raised and with a large band of precautionary tape ready to bind your minds and everyday existence with it.

We have to be cautious, we have to protect our families, but to what end?

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

-George Orwell, 1984

Are we being “protected” or “studied”?

The infamous “War of the Words” not the Tom cruise version. But the real fake version that put a fear in radio listeners in the late 1930s.  Hearing sounds of destruction, phasers, screams, horrible descriptions. Fascinations and imaginations ran the psych of those listening and a frenzy from New York, New jersey people put towels across their faces to protect themselves from harmful extraterrestrial gases and radiation

Sound familiar?

The difference, is they didn’t have the wealth of information, twitter, google hell they didn’t have the internet. We know better because we get better information. Right?

 One would ask, are we in one large petri dish, seeing how far our limits can go, before we say “uncle” and shakenly mark an x and allow full control of the government in our everyday lives, touting “Everything is back to normal folks”

Its no matter, I would rather be safe than sorry. No rebellion here, only “Caution” the more we are scared, the more control they have, and the more we will allow.

and strapped with a trumpet shouting “precautionary measures” , we will allow someone to drive and take the wheel altogether, so that our new normal is really, whatever has been designed for us.