A Dance Party: An ode to Resilience

The resilience of our humanity during tough times is awe-inspriring. The things we do when we are given lemons, oh how sweet we make the lemonade

I tuned in this passed Sunday , and saw DJ-D-Nice lead a virtual dance party on Instagram and it was more than nice!! Over 160K people joined including myself. It was called “Homeschool at the club” and everyone seemed to chime in, chit chat and connect to the vibe that DJ D-Nice was producing.

For some he set a bit of a precedent. flinging open a door of togetherness and encouragement. In the Social Media world, quarantine is just another for ingenuity and if anything else, it also means more time. More time to create, relate, connect, showcase and just make the bad news, bearable.

People are skating, singing, DJ-ing, showing talents, explaining woos, holding talks, having forums, praying and preaching. writing and the like.

It’s also caused many to reach out to family and friends who they haven’t spoken to in years. Heck, I have been tempted to take this time to reach out to people who I haven’t talked to in days, months or even years just to say….Hey. but, then I remember the reason we don’t speak in the first place and so…. with a shrugged shoulder, I digress. ha

Isn’t this the ultimate goal of Social Media anyway?

Not to bully, and show boobies, but to encourage and motivate, not to fight and be just plain messy, but to remain social and find that kindred spirit in someone hundreds of miles away.


Wow, its been a minute, but I hope you have been well. Did you see the DJ D-Nice on Instagram? Hope so…

See you don’t have to berate, and show arguments and fighting for views. You don’t have to drag a person’s name, or promote divisiveness.

You can have a virtual dance party and everyone will join and you will get just as many ratings but this time it will come with respect.

I bow to you DJ D-Nice, that was the classiest.

Many Blessings