Forced Change

Change is a way of life. Change happens all the time every day and many of them we don’t even notice. Small adjustments to a route, to a job, a turn to left instead of right. Although inevitable and adaptable, change can tramatically happen in an instant and affect your life forever. When there is a crisis, it requires instant change, something you did today or a way of being, a mindset will have to adapt.


Our ability to adapt to a new challenge is a human wonderment. You need only to fling open some of humans most triumphant changes in the pit of adversity. But in our everyday lives, change can be tramatic. A Crisis can be so very difficult and many need extra assistance in coping.

Many events, such as a death, a diagnosis, or in our current state, a pandemic, can cause emotional issues, that counseling and therapy now become options of consideration in your life.


The narrative and well being of your mindset, is one of the first steps in dealing with change, especially when it happens so suddenly. How we cope depends on how we view and ultimately react to what is happening around us.

Your Mindset is one of the most important parts of any process. Your mind can affect the outcome of solutions and change the process in reaching them. If you feel defeated you will approach, create and walk as a defeatist. You must have a “can do” attitude to walk and approach these changes with your head up not kicking rocks in the corner of self doubt.

Learn and Know before you go

Communicate your need to know. We all process information differently. Our healing process is just as different. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to process the information you received, but process it the best you can before you make any moves, or rash decisions. Even if its a death, take a moment to process, breath and lean on family, friends and god for support.

Delegate: Don’t be a afraid to ask for help. If you must, let people know you need help. You need to process information and you are unable to make a rational decision. Call on Friends and family and let others take the wheel while you heal from the news and/or information

Counseling: can help by supporting you during a transition while you adjust to new circumstances, many of the common emotional reactions can be anxiety, depression and fear. Have awareness of this, do not surpress these emotions, it can do more damage in the long run. Walk in these emotions and if need be get professional help.

Lottery win, Increase in duties, Location, death, illness there is a laundry list of reasons change can happen in your life. Now in 2020 we are faced with the COVID-19 that has swept the world and changed everything from working conditions to how close you can get to a person.But this too is an adaptable change.

Just listen, learn and BE Diligent, Vigilant and Knowledgeable. With that, you may wobble a bit when changes hit you, but you will not fall, because you will lean on the process, lean on the knowledge of whatever it is, and you will learn to let go and let GOD.