Assistance Amid Fears

This virus has caused heightened fears and paranoia. There is “end-of-the-world syndrome, bouts of anxiety and fear and financial woes.

there are financial campaigns for global relief such as: which sends money directly to people who are extremely poor and in this crisis needs even more assistance.


Our local grocery and service companies are on the front lines. Amid fears, they continue to provide you the best customer service whilst keeping themselves afloat and encouraged. Your larger grocery chains may be out of food, but many of the local places” are still serving the communities. People could not stock up and didnt have money to save for a rainy day, let alone a virus. Support your local establishments and here are a couple in Baltimore:


Luckies Market

Lexington Market


Hazlo International Foods

THE NUMBER (1) (star trek speak)

Although there are precautions, people are choosing online services over going to the local stores. Remember, those items you get were also handled by people on the front lines as well, so be courteous, Although the larger franchises are losing money, many Companies are providing assistance as well


AMAZON: has been a fast moving force. It has been increasingly relied on for all your everyday needs. With that, they are helping customers and communities who have been infected and affected by the virus.


AIRLINES: the Airline industry to a big hit, of course people being afraid to be in a confined, climate controlled plane is not very enticing, if simply travel for pleasure amidst this virus. But there are some short term benefits for you, and for them, if you need to leave anytime soon. Look at many of airlines as they have extended pricing and discounts to the end of April.

Here are two:

Delta: said it will waive change fees for customers traveling through April 30 if the ticket was issued before March 9, in addition to waiving fees for customers purchasing flights between March 1 and March 31.

American Airlines will waive the change fee for tickets bought by March 1 for travel between March 10 and April 30. This is in addition to its previously offered waivers for tickets purchased between March 1 and March 31.

If you are able ensure you check on the elderly, check in on your neighbors family and friends especially those that may have pre-existing emotional issues that can be exacerbated during this crisis.