The Humanity of Crisis

The virus is sweeping the globe and there are changes that will be made to our everyday life. If you think your way of being is not going to be forever changed, then pay attention to the small changes we as an American society have made over the years in light of mass shooting, terrorism albeit defined as “precautionary” measures, we have still altered our lives to fit the mold of each new existence, based on the architect in our dystopia.

Our very existence is dictated by an overwhelming need to “BE”. To understand who we are, why we are and have this purposeful existence. This is clouded, by the humanity of this world or dare I say the world for which we live. We have defined each other by our race, by our gender, by our religion and maintain divisions amongst each other, with the guise of strengthening the core.

Yet now, a virus sweeps through our states, countries, cities and towns. It’s like a thief in the night, stealing mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, grandparents and cousins. It does not discriminate; it does not see the hue of your skin nor does it see the class for which you were born in.  Secretly, as it creeps into our existence its also creeping into our humanity. Its invading the core of we, the one that thing that is the same but different and that when in trouble, no matter the hand it would reach.


I am paying attention to Social Media and of course in a probable hope at keeping a “norm” alive, there is still those that want to divide.  Speaking in “Us” and “Them” but when it comes to talking or posting about the corona virus, or pandemics it’s a resounding “WE”

But, there is money in the “The Divide” not just in products, services and clothing. But there is money in the hate. Issues with race, have a great and powerful influence on how we live today and how money behaves, from education, affecting an income, to getting resources needed. From a business standpoint “The Divide” is necessary.  

From Drive by shootings, to mass shootings, to police shootings. We have become a society of bad then worse than good and better. We are constantly put to the test as humans, but still find areas to distance ourselves. We  blame it on a section of a neighborhood, the class of people, the area for which they live. But there is always wiggle room of disconnection in this most socially media connected world.


This virus has many of us dialing back the need for some of the frivolous things we thought and did on a day- to- day basis. There is more concern about the” what matters ” most. We have developed and withstood so many tests in our personal lives and as human beings.  We evolved from hunting and gathering to cell phones and uber eats.

We all dream, we all have ideas, we can all hope, and Love. We all tell stories and laugh at the good times and wish we could go back to a place when the bad didn’t stalk our minds so much. We change our pace with our surroundings and keep it with the atmosphere of today. Each fighting to be different, but ultimately residing to the fact that we are all the same.

When our humanity is threatened, we develop, we embrace, and we begin a new life with the new “precautionary” measure. But I would hope that we all move as the virus did. Without Discrimination, without hate, with understanding and with the echoing of those before.

Because our real fear is that we will not evolve, if we do not learn at this moment. We may not continue our ascent to a significance of this planet, but a byproduct that was wiped clean.