The Crisis of Timing

The fabric of our being is thin. Your mind being thrust about as if in an oversized web, with cascading fractions of light emitting from the those small holes, flickering when you deviate one way or the other with those seeking the meaning of life, the meaning of our way of being, the meaning of love struggling incessantly to comprehend the non comprehendable and believe this infinite knowledge will somehow provide freedom from life’s trials.

Asking these questions are necessary, it shows we are awake at least. But our societal construct is designed to believe only through sight rather than with faith and mind. We have trouble trusting those that legitimately want to do good and be good or to help search the answers to life’s wonders with you.

We have structured internet communities, social media groups that enable loneliness and fear. These avenues allow people to gain the vicarious living of the edited versions of people’s lives. We resign to the fact that we are not special. No different than anyone else and that there is no purpose for any of us. That we are meant to float in the mundane until we cease

The current outbreak, is instructed you to stay indoors to quarenteen yourself. To have social distancing amoungst each other.

So with the world being as it is, i suppose one would take a break and pause the movement of growth and upward mobility in their life. I mean why move, if the world stopped…right?


The world is in labor, and the “You” is being REBORN in it!!!!

The current corona virus pandemic, our political climate and world just topsy turvy, you may be asking yourself so many questions:

But this is the perfect time to grow!, This is the right time to move! During a time a crisis is when you rise. look at this world right now as a time of rebirth a time to start taking those infancy steps, wobbling and navigating through the dysfunction and growing and becoming the “you” you were called to be.


The “You” will forever fight to “BE” no matter the Darkness, or the Cage you have been

There are two times in life that you are your authentic self. Childhood and Old Age

Because in childhood, you are in a time of “Becoming”, “Exploration, and “Discovery” You are feeling and comprehending what is happening to the world around you and walking into it. Whats makes you cry, whats makes you happy, and you are socially understanding your place in this is existence. You can scream and people listen, you can get angry and people consol. But you have the opportunity to come “into” yourself and just quite simply, be you

In the middle passage of life, you are working to be what everyone wants you to be, you have to work, you have to plan, you have to yada yada…. key words ‘”Have to” in order to follow the necessary path of being a cog in the great machine of life that gobbles you up, uses your time, energy and then spits you out at Retirement age so you can silently slip away.

When you have gotten older, you have lived and seen this world for all its glory, you have been what everyone told you to be and the accountability of self now falls to you. Then you become “FREE” again to “Become”, “Explore, and “Discover” Just as you did as a child. But this time, you can do more, you can see more and you can you without apologies, because just like being a child, people may discount your way of being as “getting older” or “midlife crisis” or whatever label is coined to define, a person “living free”

Why must we wait till an older age, to “Live Free” Why must the middle of of our existence be so rigid and defined?

Walking in the world, with a sense of being “awake” and seeing the world but not being “of” it. Is probably your middle part of your life. Working your everyday, but striving to be heard, bleeding to be seen, bleeding to do “you”

When you are in an existence that is foreign to your natural state. You “Bleed”. It will come through in writing, pictures, singing, dancing…everything that makes you, you. Until it overflows and you retire, step out on faith, create, begin, start projects. Because your sense of being awake and bleeding “You”, is an awareness of “Drowning”


The world is experiencing a global labor pain, in the experience there is panic, heartbreak and fear. The invisible walls and barriers are crumbling and the world is creeping its way in.  There is anger, and temptation pain and degradation, all on a global level.  But this is a time to rebuild, and undo.

When you begin to cling to struggle, you are defined by it. And you will and you are suffocated by it. suffocate it.  Living in and of itself is balancing act, teeter tottering on the good days and bad days, hoping to end the day in the middle.

When a rush of Pandemics, panic and hysteria become part of our existence, Our focus becomes external and we may get caught up in the scramble to achieve and forget what is really important, what truly defines us. We will put our growth, progression on the back burner, to emotionally become a part of the chaos

You must navigate and wade through it and be reborn in it.

Take look at what you haven’t done, what you should have done and what you want to do. This is the time rise up and stand in your existence. Stop and take alook at the world around you, its not falling apart, its falling into place. Begin to plan and see what you want and you will see the fruits of your labor as time progresses.


This can be a scary time, a time that love just feels lost and that there are but a few hours, days of your existence in this world. But this is the time “freedom” a joyous time to realize, what you dont need. How you should live, a great and wonderful time to become enamored by what the world has always offered you. LIFE!!!!!

life. Before you can begin overcoming fear, understand it, know it and admit that you are scared.  Write down those things that are causing you fear, some aspects of your life where you have been scared, and write down the “Why”

AFFIRM: Fill your brain with images of what you want your “future self” to look like, give yourself positive affirmations of “I can” “I will”  Connect and Disconnect, to gain your energy and release yourself from things that anchored you in a negative space.

STEP  Remember:  Once know and are willing to risk the emotional labor pains of growth, making mistakes, and not caring who is with you on your journey then fear is a simply word that holds a meaning of triumph, because you conquered it and became. You stood and faced it, and you now living free from it.

Get ready to bless the world with all your gifts!!!!