WOMEN: An Imitation Of Life

A Woman is an imitation of life, A role model for the world. When you see a woman you cannot comprehend the world for which she lives. Although different we are but the same. Our natural makeup is an emotional mashup that brings life, that holds the very balance of existence in our hands.

I have a question:

What do you do when there is something so very powerful and you need it managed or controlled?

hmmm, what a good question. Here is my answer:

You minimize, it, you make it insignificant, distance it from others like it, make it hate itself, inundate it with negative images of itself, but show the positive ones, if they do negative things. Then control it and let it know every-time it does something, that it needs to do better, to get more but is less than everyone elses and the more negative, the better.

Replace the word “IT” with “WOMEN”

I believe that there is a systemic view of women, that keep our minds chained so we don’t come together as a whole. We have allowed Race, physicality, hair, conquests, to be used to pit us against each other and create insecurities amoungst ourselves.

If one person in a thousand criticized me while all the others cheered, I didn’t hear the cheers. -Dorothy Dandridge


My mother-law use to tell me the “A woman is the temperature of the home”

Media will use a woman to sell, or be the salesmen for, or be behind the scenes of what is being sold or sell to us to see if it is even worth selling….Get it?

A Woman is life, like a flower blooms each season. We are the epitome of life at its core. Think about life and all of its wonders and in it Women: live, fight, birth, rise and fall, hurt and heal, bleed, keep going and dead stop, fight along with, fight for, break and pick up the pieces, put them back together only to do it over again.

woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. Elenor Roosevelt

The world is our manta, our oyster, our voice. What we want to see, will be seen. You can please the masses without dis-pleeasing yourself.

So i say to us, as the year is now 2020. We must not let others define, create, for us. Don’t allow the worlds vision to create insecurities about our minds, our bodies or our spirits. If we combine these truths, we will unite in a single thought of “Healing this world” it will confuse and disarm.

Another question:

What happens when something is so powerful, has others just as powerful and set their power on a common mission.

hmmm, what a good question. Here is my answer:

Well then it can change the whole world

Replace the word “IT” with “WOMEN”