Reinventing the Will by Weathering the Storm

You will forever hear about the storm that is brewing with talking Motivation and spiritual guidance. The storm can be anything, a series of emotions that break you down, stop you in your tracks.

Think of the perfect storm, here is a definition from Wikipedia

rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event. The term is used by analogy to an unusually severe storm that results from a rare combination of meteorological phenomena.

So now that you got an idea of a perfect storm, then change the winds to emotions, and lighting strikes to finances and its raining your Mind body and soul. So lets imagine, that perfect storm happening each year at the same time November and December.

These are the months in which, you meet family, see people you haven’t seen, say goodbye to people you wish would stay. Financial woes of things you can and cannot pay for. Depression, anxiety, Pain is all swirling around you because on top of everything that is currently happening, this is also the time we regret, we reminisce and reflect.

The making of a perfect storm, can it will make you or break you for the next year to come. Your goal is to get into the eye of the storm, to begin to have the ability to be still so that you can made sense of your storm. If you don’t understand your storm or you don’t get to know what makes up your storm then by In jauary you will be making resolutions your cant keep, fulfill or realize because you have not batten the hatches to keep you covered.

Im in the storm…. now what?

What is causing you the most strain is it finances this year? the lack there of, the inability to please and/or prove? this is the areas you attack first.

When everything hits at once you cant pay your rent, your children want something to eat, and something for the holidays, when you are depressed with your life and all this and you still looking for work. This example is the brewing of storm of chaos, confusion, destruction.

How do you see the your exit sign?

When overwhelmed we put everything in one big bucket and cry in it. Instead of taking pieces and working solutions, celebrating those small wins that lead up to the big ones. Sitting still and just working solutions that help batton does those hatches. You may have say NO, you may have to downgrade, you may have to put your pride aside and ask for help, shut down, pay more or pay less for something, but you need to approach it and attack it head on. Once you have started working on the one part of your storm, it will be less chaotic, less destructive and easier to dicern the rest of your storm.

The Will

Defined the Will is philosophy refers to the quality or instance that produces conscious and intended actions. It was seen as the underlying reality of all perceptions by Arthur Schopenhauer – in his main work, The World as Will and Representation – and this was later modified into the “will to power” by Nietzsche.

Its your storm so you have the power to wield and bend it so that the destruction is not overwhelming. Just like a strong tree in the wind you must be uprooted in order to be blown away. Meaning, the stonger you are its hard for financial, emotional issues to knock you down. YOur feet are planted now.

The will that is seen when someone tells you no, or hurts your child. That fire that is seen when the finish line is inches away. That’s the will, the Will to live the Will to strive.

Don’t imagine what I looks like from up there, be up there and look down.

Your Why

Work on the why? not just why you got into such a storm, but the “Why” in working yourself out of it. it matters the why because that is the push you may need as you move forward.

Why you are moving upward so that your children can get to college or realize their dreams, to realize your dreams. They why in getting out of a situation so that you can gain a personal freedom and unchain your ambition. The why has to be there. Dig deep and find your why, it lyes in your spirt. you have to be still and listen for it.

Before the Storm

When you know the storm is coming your begin preparation. you begin buying food, stocking up with water and items such as batteries, generators etc.

Look at these months same way. YOu know the storm is coming Next year. Next year November the storm begins. So in January, if you haven’t started already, start working on stockpiling, doing preparation for to get ready.

Start cleaning up your finances, start working on a budet plan, begin if necessary looking for a new job.

Do me a favor though, start looking right now!! Look at your life, stop what you are doing and just stand up and stand still. Is that it?? if so, thank god you and bless others with how you are living your best life, but if not then what do you want to do? are you sitting in excuses on why you can t do something, such as age, money, family…whatever it is can it be a hobby? can you do it in your spare time? can you afford to quit and start this thing you are going to bless with.

Whatever it is, just do it!! Start it, look at it and start to be it. At least by next year you can say you did something towards your goal, and you are on the path to your purpose.

If you can imagine it, then you can make it so!!!