Obligated Gratefulness

We live cyclically, over and over again facing the holidays, facing another year of resolution. Not stopping or taking a knee and saying “Hold on!!” “Time out”! and stop to figure ourselves out and trying to understand the monotony of it all.

But who am I kidding…who has time for that?

I mean we are running errands, going to school, going to work then getting up and doing it all over again every day, with minor “vacation” breaks here and there. But the more you pause to think the more you realize that you may have forgotten somethings. I mean a lot of things, like the “Why”

But whats the big deal? why figure that out.?. I mean we reformat some things set a resolution or two, then we carry on to the next year and then the next making tiny moves and even tinnier changes. Till you are face down in your glass for New Years wondering what the heck you are doing with your life.

Going through the motions:

 We get to a point that going through the motions is second nature, a cog in the machine of moving, singing songs of praise and worship during certain times, and drowning in a bowl of tears the next and this emotional rollercoaster can be taxing. Each year the same thing. and unless texted or stated in a social media forum we really don’t have an opportunity to truly share our emotions express our dissatisfaction. This is supposed to be the “NO SHAMING” atmosphere, but we shame those amoung us who don’t feel like sharing, who don’t feel like liking, who don’t want to be a part, who want to be different and not match the difference that is popular.

Much of our emotions may not be deemed “politically correct” so instead of saying or expressing unhappiness, we simply follow the rules of the road and “do as the romans do” and just shake our heads up and down in agreement of thankfulness.  Being thankful to wake up when you want to stay sleep, being thankful to have a job when everyday you want to quit, being thankful for your relationship  when you know its not working out. 

You feel obligated to be thankful for the things that you find the most thankless. Running in circles and not knowing which way is up. 


Okay andddd, I called you out. “Now What” so should I say make a change, yes, should i say get off your “hindparts” and move into a new beginning, yes.. But start where… thats the question.. where do you start? Especially being thankful for the same thing you did last year!?

The thankfulness and gratefulness starts within you. First feeling grateful in the present, in the awareness of it all. Stand somewhere and just look at the world. Seems cliche but my meaning is clear, the breath you have, the mind and body you have is a gift… so you have to treasure it. Take a 5 min break and just be silent in your stillness.

See what is going on in your life or what is not going on. Write down what you want to change and why. You may be surprised to find you already did the ground work, so now you just have to stand up and get walking, learning, networking into a new way. If anything this beats complaining.

What does it mean to be Grateful Anyway?

What does it mean to be grateful? It doesn’t mean convincing yourself that that your world is great, especially when at the moment it is not. Its a choice to see the world differently and see and cherish what is most important. Your gratefulness my lie in someone elses spirt and vision. The goal is not to be blinded about what is ailing you, or what is hard, but simply appreciating those issues and having the ability to approach them the best way possible. Being grateful of the alternatives that could have happened but different and being grateful you can possibly circumvent the problem.

Mantras, Affirmations, and looking into the eyes of your children or your family even remembering those fleeting moments when all was seemingly right with the world is where you will find the beginning of your gratefulness.

Why do I have to be grateful or even thankful

Why? because they create a habit within yourself. It raises the fire within you to open and spew out flames to power your engines and keeps you moving, You see what you are fighting for and why you are fighting for it. This will not prevent you from wanting more, but it will help you to appreciate what you have so far.

I don’t see it….

So after all of that you still do not see the “why” in our life. Then bless another, bless a family, bless an organization with your skills, your heart and your love. There are many volunteer organizations that would be “grateful” for your presence. https://b50love986590936.wordpress.com/2019/11/30/volunteering/

You will find your gratefulness, thankfulness and maybe even your purpose there, because it will be in the gratitude of those you serve.

Either way, being grateful and/or thankful is not a holiday thing, its a life thing. You cannot move forward if you don’t know where you have been, you can end up walking in circles forever.