Reform: A Change for the Soul

Reform is a broad topic, because reform can be applied anywhere in anything. To reform a school, to reform a policy or to reform yourself, which is what I am referring to. Everyone goes thru a season of change, an attempt to change him/herself. Emotions and circumstances can dictate the fire that that is lit in order to initate your change process.

First let me say, you have time. I don’t know your circumstance I don’t know the instance that you awoke and said you needed to change but I can say this, that you must have some time and be patient. Time does heal wounds, but it also allows for the process to sink in so you are not tempted to look back. The old ways and the old you lie dormant awaiting to rear your head back in the that direction and if you have not buckled down and worked through each process of your manifestation you will be sure to tip a little backwards as you climb forwards, and yes it is a climb.

Why did I say reform instead of just change? because to reform by definition is “make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.” Google definition

So you want to make something better, enhance or make a better you. So start with your mantra of self, do better, or be better or do something better.

What lit the fire?

Why, why why… hmmm is that really the question? Because does it matter? Well , in some cases, yes it does. Your reformation can be due that baby you have on the way. You are realizing that the you, is not the real or greatest you that you want to present, that can be emulated. A child, a relationship, a new job even. That’s the beginning of the process and in every beginning, there is going to be some hard paths.

Your childs eyes maybe your salvation to your ultimate reformation. The change like a butterfly, maybe hard at first. But you must focus on the end goal.

If it’s a relationship, may I say please show the real you. Make the change for a better already you. Do not change everything about you so you don’t recognize yourself. Okay I need to elaborate this one. You are in a relationship and find the “who you are” is not what that person is looking for, but you realize or think that he/she is the “end all be all” so you get your “fake on” and begin to be this who ever for this person. MISTAKE!!!!

The real you seeps out honey!!, it may be a year, or a week but one day you will get lazy and pull out the comic books, prop your feet up and forget who you were trying to be. They will see the you and run or see the you and stay, either way a whole lotta unnecessary work.  So be you dear!!!

Reward your progress

I know your goal is to climb and sit on top of Mount Everest. But you have to settle for climbing a few bushes, then some trees, then a molehill before you start on the mountains. Reward those feats!!!, They are important. Don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t reached the mountain top. You are on your way, there is no time limit on progress.. there is NOT!!!.. In the right time, you will be the right way in no time!! So be patient and enjoy the successes you have. Because if you don’t , you will beat yourself right back to where you started.


So your process rqueires movement, Movement may require leaving and/or dropping someone. Oh yea!!. Bye naysayers, bye mean people, bullies, bye to those that didn’t support you, bye to family also.

Moving up is like having a cold sometimes, certain people just don’t want to be around you anyway. They will slowly start to drop off without you doing a thing. Others will have to be nudged and others you may have to kick out of your way. But you got to be willing to stand all by yourself.

There is going to be alittle left over, you are going to be dusting those haters off for a while. You are going to look up and see all the dirt they left behind. Dirt like doubt, hurt, pain, tears, and you are just gonna dust and dust and dust and wipe and wipe and wipe until finally under all the mess they left you will find that bright and shiny you.

You were hiding under all that debris. Hiding under all the heavy weight of words, and sadness, doubt and hurt. Don’t be afraid of the Debris that’s left. Just get a big dust buster by the name of Self Love and suck all that crap outta there. You may have to get a lint brush too!, those are some dirty people.

Overall Change is gonna come, change is gotta come no matter what you do or don’t do. You will grow older at the same job, you will look at things different amoungst the same people and you will grow weak in doing the same thing. Why not take the opportunity when you feel that nudging of growth and age and just turn around, I bet the view will be a lot better.