A Maxwell Experience

Living in the DC Metro area, provides a rich and vibrant culture with exquisite undertones that makes every experience unique. The Kennedy Center is one of those rich and symbolic gems to experience. What a treat to couple it with the NSO Pops: Maxwell: A Night at the Symphony . With the Flags of Nations and Flags of States hovering in gesture, the essence of the evening is full of palpating excitement, but with a chillaxing vibe as we await  a consummate artist to highlight the evening.

The Kennedy Center

Meet and Greet

I had the unique opportunity to meet and greet Maxwell before the show. With a small group, I stood with fans awaiting a chance, a glimpse and maybe even a few words from From him. His first words were “Thank you for coming” and he explained how blessed and grateful he was by our presence. I have had the opportunity to meet celebritites in the past, and how refreshing it is now meet those that are not trends but exemplify their words. It was a humbling experience to say the least.  The vibe was so relaxed the and he was so grounded and down-to-earth, that I forgot I was with a celebrity of his caliber.  It began the night of wonderful entertainment and glimpse into the man behind his art.

In this room, he was not just a Grammy award winner, but a defined soulful median that wore his heart on his sleeve for all to witness and his humbleness, gratefulness was what we all felt once we departed, to begin an awe inspiring evening.

Although I am a social media nut!!, It was still really refreshing to lock up our phones and electronic devices. in Yondr (you know we didn’t have cell phones back in the day.. throat clear) but although some folks balked overall we all complied. Sure we have become used to solidifying memories through our devices, but this time we had to do it through our individual interpretations. In order to interpret what you see, how you see it and what it meant to you.

Personally it was more effective, because you must pay attention, you are forced to listen so that you can inform, so you interpret your feelings and you really felt, what he was saying and singing. The words and the music come from the heart, coming from a genuine and soulful place


When listening to many of Maxwell’s songs, love is the prolific theme throughout. The love of a relationship, love of yourself and love of each other. Throughout the evening you honestly felt the longing and excitement of love, as if you are reminiscing on experiencing these emotions for the first time. Thinking of the love you have, or the love that is lost, the love that you want or the love you need. Living in this world and culture associated with a lot of hate these days, you felt the palpation of love, I saw hugging, kissing, laughing and overall joy all in one room.


Maxwell stated how he felt so much gratitude for where he was and his years as a performer. Stating that not all his choices were the best (whose are) but that he still valued the ability to make them, work through them and live to fight and teach another day. He sang those men and women of color who are currently incarcerated and just appreciated the ability to live free.


Maxwell brought the party. We began to stand, and dance and sing along with him in unison. A spectrum of emotions from laughter and happiness to dancing and joy. The party did not stop until he took his final bow and even still this party continued out of the doors and spilled into the hallways with talk, pictures and fun.

Hats off to Maxwell, I loved his music since 1996 and always appreciated every song, that became a part of me. who knew I would ever meet and talk to him. The plans that God has… hmmmmm